Wild Mountain Echoes is about connecting to nature through sound. Listening to birdsong and other natural sounds helps reduce stress and anxiety, and increases concentration and learning. The following recordings are full of the inspiring and healing sounds of wild nature, and can be used with headphones for relaxation (great on a plane!), or set as background music while working on your computer. They can also be used for practicing your bird identification skills.

These are pure nature recordings – no instrumentals.  They have been edited to reduce any anthropogenic sounds.  Recordings are provided in high quality cd format (mp3, 44kHz, 16 bit, 320 kbs stereo).


Crossroads album cover

A collection of southern Arizona sounds, highlighting the rich biodiversity of this region. Total time 67:33.



A collection of sounds from the Sonoran Desert, featuring the abundance of sounds in the springtime. Total time 56:41.

Great Basin cover

Sounds from across the Great Basin, from the Sierras to the Rockies. Total time 66 minutes.


Streamside meditation album

The sweet sound of running water, to provide background sounds or as a focus for meditation. Four recordings of 20 min. each

Cricket Lullabies cover

The beautiful, repetitious melodies of singing insects – crickets, katydids, cicadas – to relax and lull you to sleep. Total time 64:47.





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